Knowing More about Cell Phone Tower Lease


Most real estate owners are ready to get into a leasing agreement with their tenants who are willing to be linked with a direct cell tower lease. It is, therefore, important first to ensure that they have contacted the tenant to know if they are interested. It is also important before you get into any kind of cell phone tower lease agreement to ensure that you’re dealing with a legally licensed company that offers wireless carriers and the rooftop management agencies. It is also vital to ensure that your legal attorney does not do all the negotiations on your behalf in matters that are a risk as you should be also present during and the time the agreement is made. As the owner of the building ensure that you find an excellent company that is faster in delivering their services. There are various considerations that one has to look in a cell phone tower at release like the protection of one’s property of the rooftop space and ground space.

Once the cell phone tower at has become obsolete one has to conduct the company that facilitates the wireless network and notifies them. First asses with them and ensure that the zoning regulations are met. Like providing a proof that the tower is built in the appropriate height. The number of tenants will also dictate the amount of revenue on the tower. Like for an example the more the tenants the greater the revenue recharge as well as the greater the value of the tower to the network providing company. When deciding on the cell phone tower lease, ensure that the location of the tower is in an urban place where the area is mostly serviced by a higher trafficking that in a rural place where there are only fewer clients which would generate fewer revenues. For it to generate more revenue, it is also wiser to ensure that there are also other alternatives and suitable places that can harbor a replacement of the tower.

The property owner should conduct a supplying carrier for the purpose of submitting your site to them, they should also ensure that the sites are favorable for the development of the cell phone tower. It is also important to ensure that as a land and property owner you’ve consulted experts who are experienced in cell phone tower constructions and also seek guidance from a wireless lease expert who will help you to decide to get a good leasing agreement with a wireless network providing agency. If you want to learn more about cell phone tower lease, visit

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